Your Little Voice – Friend or Foe?

Have you ever wondered: “What if?”

What if I did this, what if I did that?  Don’t be the one to lie on your death bed one day thinking: What if? And sigh “I should have”.

We all have a little voice inside of us trying to dictate our decisions, our reasoning and our actions.  I admit, this little voice can be extremely valuable.  It can keep you out of trouble and stop you from making poor decisions.


The ultimate purpose, the pure existence of this little voice, the reason for it being there talking to you all the time, is to protect you.  It ultimately wants the best for you.

Imagine:  You walk into the kitchen and you see your spouse pull a pot with oil from the stove.  Your little voice immediately reacts: “Don’t touch, it’s hot, you will hurt yourself!” (Protection)

You stand on the side of a cliff considering jumping down into the ocean.  Your friends already did it, and look they are waiving at you from down below.  They are all OK.  Do it!  Your little voice says: “Don’t!  What if something goes wrong.  You can hurt yourself badly, even get killed!” (Once again – protection!)

You get the opportunity of a lifetime.  This could be the break you were waiting for all your life!  Your little voice interrupts: “Pass it by. It’s too good to be true. What if it doesn’t work out? (And again – protection!!)

Here’s what you need to be careful of – your little voice will protect you, good or bad!  Your little voice wants you to be a flat liner – no heartbeat!

As well-meaning as your little voice may be, it can also be the reason for you not reaching for the stars, achieving your goals, grabbing your dreams and living your purpose.


You need to learn when to listen to this little voice, and when not.  Never reason with your little voice – you will lose!

You must take back control!  That is the only way you will succeed.  The only way to take back control of your reasoning is to trick it.  Trick it into believing that what you believe you can achieve.

Don’t allow your little voice to be the wolf in sheep’s clothing.  Make it your friend, not your foe.

And that is exactly what we teach clients with our Success Launch Pad programme.


I know that we are all facing our giants, but know this – your giant can be beaten!

For too long I allowed my little voice to dictate to me: “I know you want it and you can do it, but what if it doesn’t work for you? What if nobody is interested in your consulting services? What if they don’t believe in your product like you do?”


And guess what?  I got nowhere for 4 years!  The moment I took control back and the moment I started calling the shots, that is when things started to happen.  Boy, did I show that little voice of mine!

Sometimes, what seems to be the right decision, may be the wrong decision.  Sometimes, sticking to a certain career path that you know is not for you just because it allows you to survive, may see you missing out on an opportunity with 10 times, 1 000 times higher rewards.

If only you took it…


When your dream is big enough, when your dream is worth fighting for, then you can really start to believe, and then achieve.

It is all up to you – will you be the flat liner or the one with the healthy heartbeat?

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