Recommend his services!

I have known Pieter since August 2006.

Pieter has always been willing to help and support others with anything and his human relations are outstanding!  His got the capacity to really listen to you and then offer you applicable support and guide you to a solution to your problem.

He has presented numerous courses at our companies, Dry Bean Producers Organisation and Plantovita.  The courses included areas like personality traits and relationship and team building in the workplace.  he taught us who we are and how we can use this knowledge to improve relationships and communication in our workplace.   This is so important as people with different personalities interact in the workplace on a daily bases.

Pieter has an incredible passion that shines through in his actions.  In my personal capacity I have had the free will to approach him for guidance.  He has helped me tremendously with this feeling of inferiority that I sometimes experience.  He has also helped me to handle conflict so much better.

I can truly recommend him and his “Confidence Booster” programme which is available online!

– Elaine van der Merwe, South Africa

One comment on “Recommend his services!

  1. miswad

    I absolutely agree with you Elaine. You couldn’t have described Pieter better. I’ve just begun my journey under his tutorage and am excitedly looking forward to what is in store for both me and those who will come on board as participants and beneficiaries of his online programmes as well as the “Believe to achieve” e-book not forgetting upcoming seminars and boot camps. The future just turned a whole lot brighter, thanks to his initiative.

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