Does short term mindset techniques really work?

Life coaches, including me, do believe that to achieve long term, sustainable success, you need to retrain your brain (your subconscious mind) into believing that your desired reality is already true, thereby attracting your desired outcome to you.  Look, there are many, many ways andmeans of achieving this, and we will not discuss it in this article, but the bottom line is: Your new mindset (attitude), or the pursuit thereof, must be a conscious lifestyle.

As coaches, especially confidence coaches like me, often get asked “Is there something you can do for me in the short term to overcome my challenge?”


The short answer is “Yes”.  It it possible to “programme” yourself for short term results, depending on the following:

  • Is it your true desire to achieve the outcome you seek?
  • Are you willing to do what it takes?
  • Is your conscious in sync with your subconscious? (in other words, do you seek this outcome with your whole being?)
  • The severity of the challenge, fear or phobia

Your coach will then suggest one or more NLP (Neuro-Linquistic Programming) and other techniques to help you achieve this.

A word of warning though:  The techniques your coach suggests you use are not to be seen as a skills replacement remedy.  After all, as a confidence coach no technique will enable me to perform open heart surgery successfully, will it?  Of course not!

To illustrate the success of short term techniques is best done through a true life experience:

At the recently completed South African Open Judo Championships I had the most wonderful encounter.  I was having a conversation with a gentleman and during this conversation it surfaced that his 12 year old son was extremely nervous about the upcoming fights the next day.

I called him over, and immediately I could see and feel the tension.  I could see in his eyes that his mind was smoking with an overload of negative thoughts.  Oh boy, this young man’s subconscious was having him have it big time!

After having a short, relaxed conversation with him, we could identify the root cause of the stress.

I gave him a simple exercise to do when going to bed to hopefully swing his subconscious mind in his favour and support him in his desire to do well the next day.

He also did an exercise the next day every time before walking onto the mat to destress and redirect the focus on him, which allowed him to employ the judo skills his sensei taught him without being concerned what his opponents were thinking.

The next day this young sportsman was in control, eventually winning the Silver medal.  What a remarkable achievement.  Well done!

This is truly a prime example that you can benefit from “emergency” techniques!

Believe & Achieve!

2 comments on “Does short term mindset techniques really work?

  1. miswad

    “Emergency” (short term mindset) techniques. Wow…anyone breathing needs to know these! Yes indeed including you reading this. Please sign up and line up with the programme for more. Get the e-book “Believe & Achieve” too!

    • Pieter Griessel

      Absolutely! Key is: if the desire is there, anyone can believe and achieve!

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