Believe & Achieve

Let’s think about it for a moment.  What does it really mean?  Are these two 7 letter words just spoken by some because it rolls nicely off the tongue and sounds good?  Are they spoken by some to impress?  Are they over used?  Or are there real value and power in them?

Is it a gigantic coincidence that all those who are successful in life, whether it be in business or career, whether it be an abundance of money or harmony in the family, achieved it through belief.

Ask anyone of these successful people: “How did you achieve your success?”  Somewhere, if not first, they will mention BELIEF!

So why is it then that so many of us intelligent human beings, mock belief but then complain if there is no success?

When you truly BELIEVE in your dream (big or small), you will put in the effort to achieve your goal.

You see, people are fast to say: “But I do believe, and yet, I am not achieving!”  Thing is people tend to believe:

          BELIEF = ACHIEVE

Can you spot the mistake?  Of course, simply believing in something doesn’t mean you will achieve it. If you accept this formula, then you are living in a fantasy world!  To be able to achieve your desired outcome, we need to adjust the formula a bit.  The complete formula is:


If you take your belief, and you put in the effort, you will achieve your goal.  The more effort you put in, the bigger the result, or the quicker the results will come!

Therefore, build your BELIEF system, and you too, will BELIEVE and ACHIEVE!

2 comments on “Believe & Achieve

  1. Pieter Griessel

    Nothing good in life will happen without some sort of effort.
    Mediocre effort = Mediocre results.
    Extraordinary effort = Extraordinary results.
    Either way, you will always have a result, good or bad.

    • miswad

      This here is true wisdom. Thankyou for the enlightenment. It’s inarguably invaluable!

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