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pietergriesselx200hPieter Griessel has been inspiring people since 2008 and is a Certified Practitioner of Neuro-Linquistic Programming (NLP) from the iNLP Center in California, USA.

Through various business ventures, some of them more successful than others, he has come to learn what his real passion is – INSPIRING PEOPLE TO BECOME LEADERS OF THEIR LIVES!

Pieter grew up in a normal middle class family with great parents, teaching him the values of respect, discipline and integrity. What they didn’t teach him though, was the values of perseverance, persistence, chasing his dreams. These things were not and are still not being taught in schools either. So he did what the average South African would do after school, get a job, study part time for his degree and try to make a living the best he could.

At the age of thirty he decided that it was time to do his own thing, so he quit his job and took the plunge. Through the years he has had mixed degrees of success with business ventures, in fact, some of them were huge failures. The one thing that kept him going through the trying times, apart from his wonderful wife who supported him all the way, was that he got involved in personal development.

In 2009 Pieter and 3 equally passionate friends started a leadership development academy. That developed into Pieter going solo in 2012.

With time comes change, and for Pieter it meant that his business evolved and transitioned into the establishment of 5th Level Inspiration (Pty) Ltd in 2016.

He also realized that, in todays ever changing world, education of children through the normal scholastic structures, is not creating the kind of adult we need to survive. It certainly is not teaching kids to actively pursue their dreams, and if it does, it only teaches them to use and work with what they have, what they can see and feel, that is their natural talents. They do not teach them to use the power of the subconscious mind to ensure success. Hence his extreme passion to inspire children.

So, do not miss out on experiencing Pieter on stage or being trained by him!

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